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I consider this, to be the best song of the album for a lot of reasons. First of all, this album is one of the best of the decade, really, its construction, the roller coaster of emotions it takes you to, the ups and downs. Itís indeed well done, Anderson really did plan it all carefully; itís ambitious, flamboyant, elegant, literate, aggressive, passionate, artistic, the emotion hits you violently and no, itís not an easy album not in the slightest but thatís precisely one of the things that makes it so interesting apart from being the culminant work of Anderson/Butler partnership, they couldnít take it further, there was no further after this, this album is old Suede, in its purest expression.

Now, we could anylise song by song, making essays out of some of them (I mean you could make an entire dissertation of Brett quoting Byronís in the first line of ĎHeroineí or the Orwellian omnipresence in the entire album putting aside the fact of music like in Daddyís Speeding or Still Life) but letís go back to our song, THE song, in my opinion. And why? because I find it the best constructed song of the entire album, itís angst, desire, hedonism, and rivalry among lovers. The whole story goes around a love triangle, a bisexual one, all spiced up with some drugs and despair. In the beginning of the song we could see it starting to build up and up and up towards the sky, Andersonís vocal are nothing out of the usual yet and Butlerís keeping it low. Then, throughout the first 4 minutes we can see how it goes higher and higher, all obviously from Andersonís point of view (which I consider it to be somewhat a flaw) because we canít really tell what the protagonist of the song thought about all this, but come on, sheís the winner here, thanks to her we got a fucking sexy song. Finally in the last verse she says before the guitar solo you can feel it rise and it could have ended there but as I said, thereís a guitar solo coming, now itís Butlerís time to shine. And he does, for 3 minutes he keeps us completely hypnotised by the sound until around 7:20 it goes downÖbut to keep going, finally to get the peak of everything, Butlerís sound meets Andersonís voice and the last verses hit you with such strength itís impossible to remain indifferent to that experience, you just c a n í t.

Now, lyrically Anderson did a great job, straightforward, very honest and passionate, you just canít take a side; the singingís voice pov is full of desire, passion and is deeply excited by competing against her loverís lover, heís so cynical that he reminds her that when she goes to sleep with their girlfriend heís still there inside her head, IT EVEN COULD BE, that she is sleeping with HIM via, yes, the girlfriend. Simple verses but powerful, and despite their repetition are not redundant or annoying yes also because along the song he plays with the tone to give it, whether itís the low profile intro or that climax where his voice is so potent and hits you like a bomb of passionate ice.

On the other hand we have Butler, who helped to construct the tension we feel throughout the whole song, the atmosphere is asphyxiating in a way that you really have to be in the mood to deal with it 10 times in a row, cos really, itís not only long (9:26) but also tiring because of its intensity. But that tension reaches the peak in the solo part, itís his time to shine at the most he can, and he really do so, around 6:50 or so, he goes mad and takes this rant of notes that makes your mind go crazy with it. It feels like explosion of sex, drugs and a huge competition because of it, the attempt of being the only one for her.

Of course the tension is also due to the bandís tension at the time. Iíve always felt that there was actually a competition going on (not that the one of the song wasnít real) but literally during its recording. I felt Brett and Bernard competed against each other to see who was better if the music or the vocalist, so itís a duel of instruments against voice and the result for us, listeners/fans/public who are not part of neither of those 2 tensions, well, I have to admit that I canít listen that song for weeks cos itís not an everyday song, not in the slightest.

Finally, in a way, even tho, their inner fight, they had to get away with it, it couldnít be any other way. This story-song-epic construction of the end of the century, itís one of a kind, its length, construction, musicality, vocal work, everything about it, well, you know, NOT anyone could do it, not at all. Itís a unique piece of work who couldnít have been created anywhere else but there, not in any other time but that and not by any other people but them.

Autor:Modern Boys
©2011 Copyright: Sonia Pranschke